How to Repair Garage Door Springs?

How to Replace Garage Door Springs?

Garage doors are just like any other piece of hardware on the market – they break.  No matter how high quality your garage door is, it’s likely that you will need to put some time into replacing your garage door’s springs over the course of its lifetime.  Of course, you could go and call a repair shop to come in and fix the broken springs for you, but he fact of the matter is that with the right preparation you can easily fix your garage door springs yourself.

This is intended as a loose guide to help homeowners get started on the process – remember that all models and makes of garage doors are different and to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations when going about the business of spring repair (garage door springs ).

  1. Gather your tools.  In addition to the new springs you’ll likely need one or two vise grips, an adjustable wrench, and two winding bars.  Be sure to also have a ladder to climb on and a rag to wipe your hands with.  You might also need a ruler and a file on hand, and be sure that your garage is lit well!
  2. Measure old and new springs. This is a precautionary step to ensure that your new springs are the correct one.
  3. Mark the torsion shaft. Mark the drums and torsion shaft at each end using either the file or a ballpoint pen.
  4. Unwind the old springs. BE CAREFUL.  This can be very dangerous – never use a screwdriver to unwind a torsion spring – use a winding bar. Never touch a set screw without first placing a winding bar into the winding cone.
  5. Loosen the torsion hardware. Use the vise grip for this to ensure safety.
  6. Replace the old springs with the new ones. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to installing the new springs.  Every brand is slightly different, and the instructions need to be heeded to the letter in order to ensure a properly functioning garage door along with installation safety.
  7. Reinstall torsion hardware.  Be sure to check for tightness, level, and plumb while you are doing so.  It’s a pain when you realize that your springs are fixed but now your hardware is in misalignment!
  8. Wind the new springs.  Your spring should get longer on the shaft as you wind it – if it does not, it’s been improperly installed.  Return to step six and switch out the springs should this be the cause.
  9. Lubricate and check the strength of the springs.  This is the time to check your work – try raising and lowering the garage door.  The garage door should stay open when open, stay closed when closed, and stay half open when left half open.  If the door has a hard time staying closed, the springs are too tight.  If the door has a hard time staying open, the springs are too loose.  Should either one of these be the case, you may remove no more than ¼ tension from the springs in either direction.  Too much can either undo all the work you just did, or cause serious injury!
  10. Reconnect the garage door opener and plug it in.

Congratulations!  You have just fixed your garage door’s springs! click here for safety tips when dealing with your garage door.

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