Loosening Up Garage Door Seals

Loosening Up Garage Door Seals

By Erik Braunitzer and courtesy of Douglas Elliman RealEstate Company, agents for NYCRentals.

A garage is basically a part of a house or a stand-alone building that is used to protect a vehicle. It can also be used to store household items. Installing garage doors and frames should be done carefully because it will also influence how the doors seals fit in.

However, when choosing a garage door seal, one must be very careful. You should avoid the ones that can cause the door to stick. Although most of the times fitting the seals depends greatly on how the door and the door frames are installed. A sticky door may cause several inconveniences ranging from denying people entry or exit to causing physical injuries on people trying to force themselves in through the sticky door. A good garage seal will make your garage more comfortable.

To avoid the door seals from sticking therefore causing the door to stick, make sure that your door frames have a smooth finish for them to fit properly with the seals. Second, prefer using a rubber seals because they have some degree of elasticity and are flexible when opening the door, that is, they adjust themselves. Third, in case of a metal seal, apply a lubricant on it to make it a little bit slippery. Occasionally, the garage door could be wooden. In this case, make sure that the timber used to make the door has very smooth edges. Rough edges may push the seals hard against the frames causing the door to stick. You can also tighten the screw that attaches the seal to the door frames to press the seal firmly to the frame make its contact with the door loose thus preventing the door from sticking.

Sometimes during winter, you may find your garage doors stuck to the garage floor because of ice. The prevention method here depends on whether you have a metal or rubber paper jamb. Follow the following tips to prevent the sticking:

1. Access the bottom seal by pushing up the door.

2. Apply a layer wax on a cloth and spread it evenly on the bottom of the jamb (across). Let it dry up then close the garage door

3. You can also a bar of soap on the door jamb as another alternative if you have a metal door jamb

5. Another alternative if you have a rubber jamb is by spraying a lubricant across the jamb.


Everyone will always want his/her garage environment to be conducive to enable smooth working conditions. Easy access to the garage is among the factors that enables these smooth working conditions. Therefore, one should be careful when installing the garage door, door frames and door seals to prevent seals from sticking therefore causing the door to stick. This may hinder the entry and exit into the garage. Who doesn’t want a comfortable working environment?

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